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These two. I just can’t say enough amazing things about them!! You may remember them from my inspiration shoot a while back with ONE DRESS THREE WAYS. They were the MOD couple! When they get engaged I was over the moon when they called me to be their photographer. I loved any chance to get them in front of my camera again!
Caroline was my nanny last summer and totally saved my life during my busy season. It was such a great way to get to know her and Grady more! Their wedding was so timeless and beautiful! Caroline has such great taste and it resonates in every detail.
Now she is a high school teacher, they just bought their first house and have a cute little puppy named Rosie. Married life if great 🙂

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Flowers and event planning: Sego Event Planning and Floral Design
Linens and chair rentals: Red Poppy Linens and Chairs
Venue: Laub’s Residence/private residence
Caterer: The Italian Place
Wedding Dress: The Perfect Dress
Tuxes: Mens Warehouse

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