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Hey blog world! Its been far too long!! I don’t know about you, but this year is just FLYING by for me. I know I do this type of post too often, but I can’t help but share a little of everything with my couples.
Kourtnee and Brandon were a dream to work with. So fun and charismatic. We clicked instantly and the result was some of my favorite stuff to date! Not to mention that I have gained two amazing friends in the process! I have loved meeting Kourtnee for lunch dates and catching up.What a lucky gal am I to do what I do for a living?! Make sure to click the link under this picture to see the whole post!

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Floral and event planning: Sego Event Planning and Floral Design
Linens and rentals: Red Poppy Linens and Chairs
Inviation/Signage: Bride’s Company Occasion Design
Venue: Bride’s parents home

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Cascio Photography

Serving Utah & Beyond